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This is the official, written and maintained by sailors. Since its' start, has become one of the largest and most comprehensive online free references for sailors, with 3,379 moorings and counting. is free. Used by thousands of people each month. Many actively contributing and improving the knowledge.

To find a marina or mooring:

While the original focus was on marinas the wiki now also includes six additional categories of moorings, the resulting seven types of moorings are defined as:

  • Marina: sheltered quayside or pontoon access to a minimum set of facilities (toilet, shower, water, and electricity). Within a natural or man-made harbour or port.
  • Port: a man-made commercial shelter with a quay for loading or unloading goods, often large and may have a marina or quay inside.
  • Harbour: a man-made or natural shelter. May have a jetty, quay or buoys inside. Missing at least one of the four basic facilities provided by a marina. Not all harbours are equal: they vary in depth and size, they may have restricted tidal access or be fully or partially drying. We indicate the key differences on maps and in harbour pages: refer to the keys to maps.
  • Quay: a solid stone structure without the shelter of a port used to load or unload goods. Quays run parallel with the coast.
  • Jetty/Pier: a wooden or solid structure projecting into the sea that may float with the tide and be secured by vertical piles.
  • Buoys: a small or large collection of buoys located within a harbour, river, bay, or cove.
  • Anchorage: a location with a history of being used to set anchor within a river, bay, cove or channel.

Island Marina: Island Harbour is set in a beautiful and secluded valley and offers easy access to Newport, Osborne House and (just once a year) the site of the Isle of Wight Festival. The marina offers over 200 berths for annual moorings and visiting yachts, an on-site bar/ restaurant, a launderette, and free WiFi. Full marine services include a well-stocked chandlery and 50 ton travel hoist, free car parking for yachting visitors along with extensive hard standing. The marina is just under half a mile upstream from the Folly Inn, exceptionally well sheltered and dredged up to 2.3m. Access is via lock gates up to 4 hrs either side of High Water. The maximum draft is 2.3m over the sill of the lock, depending on tide height. See more featured marinas

2 June 2020: We hope you are all starting to ease out of Covid-19 lockdown and looking forward to some sailing before the European winter arrives, or getting ready to head over to the Caribbean. Stay safe!

4 April 2020: A selection of frequent contributors have been invited to become moderators. Your contributions are helping the rest of the sailing community.

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14 December 2019: We've updated the map from google to mapbox, in many cases this provides more detailed satellite views, but in some cases less so. Let us know what you think.

12 June 2019: We increased the amount of information held against marinas to include basic tidal information! We are looking to include tidal charts in the upcoming future.