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Morocco borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea separated from Spain by only 14km at the narrowest part of the Strait of Gibraltar. Do not get too close to the coastline as the coastguard are monitoring boats.

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Marinas have pontoon access, with at least a set of basic facilities (toilet, shower, water, and electricity), they are often located inside a harbour or port.

Ports are large man-made harbours offering shelter from poor weather with a quay for loading or unloading, may have a marina inside.

Harbours offer shelter from poor weather, may have a marina, pontoons, a jetty, quay or buoys inside.

Quays and piers are solid stone structures used to load or unload, a pier or breakwater extends into the sea.

There are no quays or piers yet.

Jetties are wooden structures projecting into the sea that may float with the tide and be secured by vertical piles.

There are no jetties yet.

A small or large collection of buoys in a bay, cove or river.

There are no buoys yet.

A river, bay, cove or channel with history of anchoring. Changing conditions may mean anchorages are not suitable.

There are no bays yet.

Marina Smir is a good port of entry to clear and has good facilities and services.

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