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Portugal is a south-western European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain and the rocky North Atlantic Ocean. Many yachts visit Portugal on their way towards the Canaries or into the Mediterranean Sea. Lisbon, Cascais and Portimao provide good safe havens and facilities for visiting yachts.

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Ports are large man-made harbours offering shelter from poor weather with a quay for loading or unloading, may have a marina inside.

Quays and piers are solid stone structures used to load or unload, a pier or breakwater extends into the sea.

Jetties are wooden structures projecting into the sea that may float with the tide and be secured by vertical piles.

A small or large collection of buoys in a bay, cove or river.

A river, bay, cove or channel with history of anchoring. Changing conditions may mean anchorages are not suitable.

Portugal is part of the EU and yachts arriving into the EU bust fly the yellow Q flag and visit both customs and immigrations offices on arrival. Passports, crew list and boat registration papers (insurance, tax status, radio licence) will be required. Yachts registered outside of the EU have an 18 months temporary importation permit.

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